Wi-Fi Solution for
Modern Smart Home

AC1200 Dual Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

InFi S1 - 3 x AR-M400 Mesh WiFi
Three set of M400 Mesh Units

The Expert of Whole Home Coverage

Expanding network coverage in a mesh system is much easier than using the traditional combination of “router + extenders”. Simply add one more InFi node to the system to boost your Wi-Fi coverage!

1 InFi S1 node
2 InFi S1 nodes
3 InFi S1 nodes

Intelligent Routing between Different Nodes

In a mesh system, a mesh unit can always detect and select the optimal routing from other available mesh units automatically. This, on one hand, ensures outstanding network performance; on the other hand, guarantees the stability of your network.

Set of three Mesh System Router + Repeater Situation

One Unified Network Throughout the House

All the mesh units make up to one unified network using one universal SSID. This ensures your devices remain connected during handover to the next networking area.

House with Mesh System House using Router + Repeater

MU-MIMO + Beamforming =
Great Communication Efficiency

Multiple Tasks Work Simultaneously


MU-MIMO technology enables the mesh to communicate multiple devices simultaneously, effectively improve network communication efficiency.
Directional Signals


Beamforming makes it possible to send directional signals. It promises a faster, stronger Wi-Fi signal with longer range for each device.

Easy Mesh Setup

Once you get the main mesh unit configured, the other mesh units are just easy “Plug & Play” devices.

Require only One-time Setup

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