AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit & VoIP GPON Router

Dual Band Wireless
Dual Band
VoIP Support

Access to Fiber Optical Network

Support downstream 2.5Gbps and upstream to 1.25Gbps with transmission distance up to 20km. Higher bandwidth support makes it possible to integrate and provide more additional services with the same device.

A GPON Device with Wireless Function

As a GPON device, the AR-P400 also supports the function of a standard wireless router. It provides wireless speed of up to 1750Mbps, satisfying the wireless needs of most family subscribers.

5GHz 2.4GHz

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose It

"Two" combined into "One"

Reduce costs on devices

Easier Management

Support OMCI (ONU Management and Control Interface) Remote Management

Configuration Management

Operator can define and support the basic configuration, such as equipment control, interface and port configuration, system reboot, and transmission profile management, of the GPON Terminal remotely.

Fault Management

Allows Operator to collect alarm information (equipment, software and interface failures) from the GPON Terminal in real time for monitoring and resolution purposes.

Performance Management

Allows Operator to monitor the data traffic and history of different services.

Security Management

Allows mutual authentication of OLT and ONU and subsequent secure communication of encryption keys to enhance data security.

Maximize Utility through
DBA and QoS Features

Support DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) via T-CONT and GEM ports

Provide high quality FTTH networks to more users without boosting raw bandwidth. Achieve flexible sharing of bandwidth among users and high bandwidth utilization.

Using QoS (Quality of Service) to
Set Priorities for Network Tasks

Allows users to set priorities for different network tasks to ensure performance of the most essential services. This helps households maximize their user experience of the subscribed service.

USB2.0 Port

Share printers, files, and media with various devices on your local network or via FTP server.

Gigabit LAN

Supports up to 4 gigabit LAN ports for wired devices.

FXS Port

Connecting to analog telephones with features of call forwarding, call waiting, call blockings, 3-way conference call, etc.


Provide access to fiber optical network for superfast Internet and IPTV services.

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