True Seamless Mesh WiFi
that is Easier and Simpler

AC1200 Wall-plugged Mesh WiFi System

InFi S2 - AR-M400+m400p Mesh WiFi Set
Airpho AR-M400P Mesh WiFi

Easy Expansion for Wide Coverage

With Airpho's Mesh technology, you can easily create a distributed network throughout your entire home. A set of InFi S2 can covers a area of up to 3500 sq.ft.

Experience True Seamless Roaming

Now you can experience true seamless roaming with Airpho's Mesh WiFi system!
Unlike standard WiFi extenders that expand their individual network areas, the Mesh system provides one distributed network that keeps your devices connected during handover to different networking areas.

Mesh WiFi & Standard WiFi Comparison

Intelligent Routing between Different Nodes

In a mesh system, a mesh node can always detect and select the optimal routing from other available mesh nodes automatically. This, on one hand, ensures outstanding network performance; on the other hand, guarantees the stability of your network.
Set of three Mesh System Disconnct when connection fails

Stay Online & No More Waiting!

MU-MIMO Technology

Multiple User - Multiple In Multiple Out (MU-MIMO) technology enables InFi to communicate multiple devices simultaneously, improving network communication efficiency and user experience comprehensively.

Router + Repeater Situation

Easy Mesh Setup

Easy Wall-Plugged Deployment

Miniature Wall-plugged Design

Space-saving and wall-plugged design makes it easy to deploy everywhere where electrical socket is available, making the use of Airpho Mesh WiFi system more simpler.

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Pre-Paired & Plug N Play

The mesh router and extenders are pre-paired in the factory and can automatically recognize and configure without setting manually, making the Extenders truly "Plug N Play" devices.

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Easy Wall-Plugged Deployment

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