True Seamless
Distributed Network
for Your Entire Home

AC1200 Dual Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

InFi S2 - AR-M400+m400p Mesh WiFi Set


AR-M405 front Dual Band Wireless


The InFi S3 supports 867Mbps on the 5Ghz band and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. The two frequency bands gurantees fast and smooth WiFi while effectively reducing network interference.
AR-M405 back Gigabit Ethernet Speed


Gigabit Ethernet ports transfer data 10x faster than standard Fast Ethernet ports, allowing you to enjoy the full speed of high broadband service.


AR-M405 back
Beamforming makes it possible to send directional signal. It promises a faster, stronger WiFi signal with longer range for each devices.


MU-MIMO technology enables InFi nodes to communicate multiple devices simultaneously, effectively improves network communication efficiency.

An Ideal Solution for Your Big-House WiFi

Having WiFi dead zone in your bathroom? InFi S3 is an easy solution that can solve connection problems in our big house while providing superior networking experience.
Need even more WiFi coverage? Simply add more nodes!

Easy-to-Expand: Secondary nodes can automatically paired with the primary node and can be used right away without configuration.

Smart Network that Guarantees Speed & Stability

Unlike traditional WiFi extenders that can only get signal from the configured router, all InFi S3 mesh nodes can detect and select the optimal routing from other available nodes. Even when you disconnect with current routing, the InFi S3 can automatically reconnect to another available mesh node.
Router + Repeater Scene

Traditional "Router + WiFi Extender"

Directional Signals

Mesh Distributed Network

One WiFi Name & One WiFi Management

AR-M405 front

True Seamless Coverage with One SSID

Using one SSID, there will be no more disconnects when you walk from one network zone to another.

Easier Management with One Backstage

Now you can easily manage all mesh nodes and set different network rules for devices accessing to your network using one centralized management backstage.
AR-M405 Management Features

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