Ultrafast AC2600 Wireless

Ultrafast wireless speeds of up to 2600Mbps, perfect for smooth 4K online video and gaming.

Dual Band

Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz band simultaneously, providing fast and stable connections for more devices.

Dual Core Processor

Processes multiple wired or wireless tasks simultaneously without interruption, significantly improve your overall network performance.


The beamforming technology improves the network transfer efficiency by allowing the router to locate your devices and send concentrated directional signals.


Advanced MU-MIMO allows the router to communicate multiple devices simultaneously which greatly shorten your waiting time.

Gigabit Ports

Transfers data 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet ports, unlocks the potential of your network.

External Antennas

4*5dBi external antennas provide maximum Omni-directional wireless coverage and reliability.

USB Ports

Easily shares files, photos, music and video across your network using USB ports.


Prioritizes network traffic by assigning bandwidth classes, ensuring reliability of essential services, and effectively avoiding network congestion.

Parent Control

Parental Controls allow you to manage network usage and access for everyone on your account, protecting your children from inappropriate online activities.

Guest Network

Provides guests with Internet access while ensuring safety of your network.

Secure Network

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption provides active protection against security threats.

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