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QHow to configure Wi-Fi Extender via WPS button?

APlease following the steps below to configure your Wi-Fi Extender:

1. Plug your Wi-Fi Extender into a power outlet near your main Router/AP.

2. Push the WPS button on your Router/AP first, then push the WPS button on your Wi-Fi Extender within 2 minitues.

3. The WPS process will last 2 minutes.Please wait and then check the wireless signal LED of your Wi-Fi Extender to see if it successfully connects to the router/AP.

4. Once finished, if the wireless signal LED of your Wi-Fi Extender is still off/blinking red, it means the WPS process fails. You may need to try one more or several more times of WPS operation, and repeat the steps above.

5. At last, you can put your Wi-Fi Extender in a proper place where you want to extend the wireless network’s coverage, and enjoy the extended wireless network. Once the configuration process is done, it will connect automatically every time you plug it back in.

QHow to confirm whether my Wi-Fi Extender has been configured successfully?

AMethod 1: Check you wireless signal LEDs, the LED lights will indicate the working status of your Wi-Fi Extender.

Method 2: You can also determine the working status of your Wi-Fi Extender via its management Webpage. Please login the Webpage via doma

QIs my Wi-Fi Extender in the proper location?

ASome of the Airpho Wi-Fi Extender has intelligent light indicators. The color or number of signal LED lights Indicates the signal strength that RE gets from the main router, which can help you choose the best location for your Wi-Fi Extender.

QHow to log into the web management page of Wi-Fi Extender?

AThere are 2 methods to log into the web management page:
1) Via domain name
2) Via IP address

1. Open a web-browser and type in “” or the domain name “www.airphoextender.net” in the address field of the browser.
2. After a moment, a login window will appear as shown below. Enter admin for the User Name and Password (both in lower case letters). Then click Login or press Enter.

QAfter the configuration, we cannot access the Internet via Wi-Fi of the Wi-Fi Extender.

A1. Please check whether only one /several devices can’t access the Internet via Wi-Fi of Ranger Extender or all wireless devices can't.

2. Please reboot the devices or disable/enable the wireless adapter, check whether it helps.

3. If the device can’t obtain IP address automatically, please try to set a static IP.

4. Please check whether the devices are set with a wrong static IP address. If yes, please set “Obtain IP address automatically” or set it with a proper static IP address.

5. Please try to upgrade the driver of the wireless adapter of the device.

QWireless speed or coverage of the extended wireless network is not satisfying.

A1. Please locate the Wi-Fi Extender in a proper position according to the color/status of the LEDs. (Detail explanation is available in the UG/QIG)

2. Wireless interference will also reduce the performance of Wi-Fi Extender. You can try to change the wireless channel of the router.

QWhy is my main router's wireless password changed after using WPS to setup the Wi-Fi Extender?

AMethod 1: Do not use default wireless password of the main router, customize a new one instead, which requires to login to the configuration page of the router.

Method 2: Do not use WPS method, and login to the configuration page of the Wi-Fi Extender to setup the Wi-Fi Extender.

If you cannot find your password to connect to the Wi-Fi, you may login to the configuration page of your router to find the password.

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