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QHow to check if I have installed the driver for my adapter successfully or not on windows?

A1. On your computer, please right click Computer icon and go to Manage.

2. Open the Device Manager and go to Network adapters, and then find the corresponding Airpho adapter, right click it and then go to Properties.

3. If you can see "This device is working properly." in the red box, you have already installed the driver successfully.

QHow do I renew my computer's IP Address (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)?

A1. On your computere, click Start and select Run. Type CMD and select OK.

2. Type ipconfig /release in the prompt window and hit Enter.

3. Type ipconfig /renew in the prompt window and hit Enter.

QWhat can I do if the Airpho Wireless Adapter is not achieving desired speed?

AⅠ. A low signal strength usually will result in low speed. To get better signal strength, please:
1. Adjust the location of the adapter. Moving closer to the main router,or changing your position in the room, can affect signal strength and wireless speeds.
2. Get rid of obstacles. If there are significant obstacles between the router and the device you are using with the adapter, try moving away these obstructions to improve your signal strength.

Ⅱ. Slow connection speed will affect the internet speed. You can right click Wireless Network Connection on your computer, click on Status, and check your connection speed.
1. Check the wireless mode on the wireless router. Make sure it is on 11n mode or 11b/g/n mixed mode, rather than 11b or 11g mode.
2. Check the wireless security encryption of your router. Make sure your router is configured to use the correct security encryption so that you can maximize the speed your router is capable of. Usually WPA/WPA2 is recommended.
3. Check the wireless channel and channel bandwidth of your router. The more crowded the channel is, the poorer performance it will get. And please make sure the channel bandwidth is set to the best value for your router.

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